11 Best Mobile Billing Systems For E-Commerce

Mobile billing, also referred to as mobile carrier billing, is an alternative form of payment that enables users to pay directly on their wireless bills for transactions instead of making transfers through a more convenient payment method such as credit or debit card, money transfer, or cash. Cell carrier billing existed before smartphones, but it continues to expand internationally in both developed and developing markets because it is easy, safe, and available to underage or unbanked consumers. Here we have a collection of some of the best mobile billing systems for e-commerce.

Consumers may use the “carrier billing” internet payment system to pay for online goods, products, assistance, programs, and content on their mobile devices (mobile phone, tablet, PC, or smart TV). In places such as in-app purchasing, ticketing, public transit, computer gaming, links to online articles, music downloading, and video on demand, this payment method is also offered as an alternative to using credit cards, instant transfers, or PayPal for micropayments, to name only a few examples. The balance owed is either credited or removed from a pre-paid coupon to the cell phone bill.

It would be best if you gave your clients several payment options, one of which is smartphone billing or payment, whether you have an online business or a physical one, for your company to thrive. Any of the best and most secure mobile payment services in the world are listed in this article. You can notice various options, from payment via mobile providers and digital wallets to contact-free payment devices and social payment channels. So read on to learn more about each service.


Fortumo is getting stronger with its mobile payment app, which is open in 73 countries and helps more than 250 mobile operators.

The selling point of Fortumo is its ability to fit with any smartphone app and make the purchase without making consumers exit the app. This ensures that you will be able to make immediate payments without the need to sign up for an account, whether you are using the browser on your PC or your smartphone, or in any software on your phone.



Mobiyo, one of Europe’s leading payment processing providers, is a carrier billing aggregator that provides various features for both its subscribers and clients. It enables you to give your consumers a secure and effective payment system as a digital content retailer.

One of the best things about Mobiyo is that in about 40 countries, it sells its services and helps more than 60 carriers. Also, it has a powerful ROI-centric strategy that provides several features for retailers and clients, and users.



With national coverage of 66 countries and 240 mobile network providers serving another prominent candidate for the most extensive mobile payment networks around is set to be BOKU. Customers will benefit from a range of mobile billing items and services through their partnership with big online retailers such as EA, Facebook Zynga and Disney.

BOKU’s two-step verification mechanism for mobile billing, identical to most mobile payment services, entails entering your mobile number and replying ‘Y’ to a message sent to you by the online retailer to validate the purchase. Its well-established service history provides bank-grade security for consumers and has reliable customer support to assisting where appropriate.



In the world of mobile internet payments, Bango is considered one of the pioneers. It covers a decent range of countries and territories and funds Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, even the leading digital retailers.

Bango provides data-driven payment analytics and opportunities to monetize this detail, as well as app ads for paying consumers, in addition to its mobile payment capabilities. It also has an intuitive dashboard that offers digital merchants a clear view of real-time transactions.



Here is the biggest online payment website, PayPal went on face-to-face or offline payments. You can take it along anywhere and get charged straight into your online PayPal account; it is an extremely lightweight credit card reader.

For no monthly fee, PayPal Here helps you to collect payments into your account directly. The great thing about it is that you can use it without pressing any keys, i.e., contact-free payment. The computer operates with PayPal Here software that provides consumers with a myriad of features.


Google Pay -Mobile Billing Systems For E-Commerce

Google Pay is a revolutionary payment system that offers in-store, online, and person-to-person payments through the tech giant Google. The software is sponsored and provides NFC payments via iOS, Android, smartwatch, and the internet.

One of its best advantages is that it replaces traditional card numbers with virtual numbers that provide more protection payments. You can also use Google Pay to handle gift cards and loyalty services, and it’s pretty easy to use (like all other Google products).



Square is now a popular payment app that millions of clients around the world use. The service owes its reputation that, aside from the flat-rate processing fee, it doesn’t charge any of the monthly or annual account management costs that other businesses charge.

Square enables you to connect digital wallets such as Masterpass, Apple Pay, Google Pay or to your checkout flow, away from traditional payment methods. You can also use a pre-constructed payment flow or create a custom payment experience on your website.



QuickBooks is a portable mobile payment system that excludes all company owners and their clients from payment. You get a credit card reader that deals with the GoPayment software, and setting it up and beginning to accept payments is very quick.

The QuickBooks payment system sponsors all enormous credit and debit cards, and the fees you make are paid into your account the next day. Also, you can deliver contactless payments to your clients, aside from swiping and dipping your card.



AliPay can be viewed as the best option if you make regular purchases with Chinese merchants or through Alibaba or AliExpress. It’s a cross-border mobile payment system that provides its users with fast and safe payment options.

Privacy security, real-time tracking of sales results, and secure payment protection for up to 90 days are some of the best features provided by Alipay. They also offer complete refunds to customers for fraudulent purchases and good customer support.



Venmo is a peer-to-peer smartphone payment platform that makes receiving, demanding, or even spitting payments between your friends very convenient for you. It provides your friends and associates with a smooth transfer of money, rendering it a shared payment app.

Splitting fees, aside from the conversion of money, is the best function that Venmo has to deliver. Your groceries, energy bills, and even travel costs can be divided. Gifts can also be sent to your friends in the form of cash. And with the use of the facility, there is no transactional price.


PayAnyWhere -Mobile Billing Systems For E-Commerce

PayAnyWhere is an all-in-one payment system with a wide range of diverse types of hardware and payment. Online, in your shop, or on the go, you will accept payments. Via sales data and an ability to track your inventory, you also get real-time feedback and analytics. One of the best mobile billing systems for e-commerce

A small card reader or a convenient sales point and a printer may be chosen or a complete sales point device with the following HD displays: printer, card reader and barcode scanner. All you have to do is choose a pricing option, choose the correct hardware, and begin to accept payments.