All About Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11

The Samsung Galaxy S11 is minimal in excess of a speck not too far off. While official data on the follow up to the Galaxy S10 is nonexistent, be that as it may, spills are starting to spring from the great ship Samsung, and the typical lineup of talk merchants are prepared to share what they see. Samsung’s Galaxy S11 and S11+ are expected to launch in the primary quarter of 2020, likely around mid to late February. Here in this post, we will tell you all about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11. This element gathers together all the breaks, gossipy tidbits and speculation encompassing the following Galaxy S lead, just as what we need to see. Here’s all that we know so far about the Samsung Galaxy S11.

According to a lot of sources, the new Samsung Galaxy S11 will launch in February 2020 – yet we’re as of now hearing bits of gossip about what we can expect from it. In addition, there are a few highlights we didn’t find in S10. Enlivened by all these telephones, we’ve additionally drawn up a rundown of the things we’d like to find in the Samsung Galaxy S11, or whatever the following Galaxy S phone winds up.

Release Date

A source who addressed SamMobile claims that the Galaxy S11 could launch on 18 February 2020. Historically, Samsung’s lead handsets launch like clockwork within a similar two-month time span: February or March. Here you will get to know all about upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11 in detail. Despite the fact that not confirmed, this date is likely as the Galaxy S9 and S10 were officially announced at Samsung Unpacked on February 2018 and 2019 respectively and afterward sold in March of that year.

On account of the Galaxy S8, for instance – it is usually just by a factor of one month, so we can say with confidence that the Samsung Galaxy S11 will appear in February/March of 2020. That is, under common circumstances. There is, in any case, somewhat of a spanner underway. 


The Galaxy S10e costs £669, which is generally economical when compared to the £1,399 you can spend on a 1TB Galaxy S10 Plus. The normal Galaxy S10 sits in the center, costing £799 for the 128GB model.

You’d trust that a lower-level Galaxy S11 may keep away from the upward pattern in cell phone prices by mimicking the Galaxy S10e and holding back on certain highlights. The fact that it’s conceivable to spend such a great amount on a Galaxy S10 handset, in any case, doesn’t look good for our financial balances. Expect to pay upwards of £800 for a basic Galaxy S11, and don’t be amazed if by far most of high stockpiling, high memory choices come in at over £1,000.


The recent news that Samsung and Xiaomi have collaborated to create a staggering 64-megapixel cell phone camera and first-of-its-sort 108-megapixel sensor served to spark Galaxy S11 fans’ interest – just to discover that the new high-spec cell phone camera technology would not make a big appearance on Samsung’s next leader. Rather, the couple announced, the camera arrangement would make its presentation on Xiaomi’s Redmi product line.

This isn’t to imply that that the Samsung Galaxy S11 won’t highlight the great camera and sensor – yet simply that it won’t be the first. Without a doubt, Ice Universe took to Twitter to mollify Samsung fans’ concern, guaranteeing individuals that the new Galaxy Note 10 would be the last leader from Samsung to wear its old camera tech.

New Camera Sensor

We ought to expect to see the Galaxy S11 come outfitted with a new and improved camera sensor if the famous leaker Ice Universe is to be accepted. Known for releasing accurate data about Samsung products, a recent tweet by Ice Universe states: “Beginning one year from now, Samsung S11 will receive a new huge size enormous pixel CMOS”. While this claim is unverified, assuming genuine, this implies the Galaxy S11 will be the first Samsung telephone to embrace a new camera sensor in over four years.

Enhanced Chips

A new processor chip utilizing 5nm technology could be introduced with the Galaxy S11, according to a report by Chinese publication Sina. With the chip expected to be released in 2020, Sina proposes that the “Samsung S11 is probably going to be the principal cell phone furnished with this chip”. There’s no word yet on what this chip will be called, albeit given that Samsung’s latest processor is called the Exynos 9825, any numerous of five past this is likely.

Qualcomm Chip

Talking about Mobile World Congress, during the 2019 version, Qualcomm discussed the eventual fate of its 5G chips. Going ahead, the company intends to coordinate the actual 5G modem with its versatile processor. Qualcomm President Cristiano Amon said that the technology will advance toward devices one year from now. What’s more, as of now, Samsung has committed to utilizing the chip in its lead telephones.

According to Qualcomm, the new combined chip would be more power-efficient, which would give telephones a chance to like the Galaxy S11’s battery last more. What’s more, since there might be one chip inside the cell phone, it would offer Samsung Galaxy S11 a greater amount of a chance to streamline the cell phone’s plan.

Snapdragon Power

While we’re discussing Qualcomm, how about we not overlook that the Galaxy S lineup is usually the first to include the most recent Snapdragon portable processor. That is probably going to be the Snapdragon power. Qualcomm usually announces insights regarding its new processor in December so stay blocked to discover what that may mean for the S11’s performance and power utilization.

Of course, you don’t need to hold up until the year’s end to get some indication with respect to what you may expect from the new Qualcomm chip. Apple’s A12 Bionic chip — currently the pace-setter among portable processors — tallied an 11,515 score when we tried the iPhone XS Max. Nonetheless, the new iPhone 11 models are much quicker with the A13 processors, and there’s a new Geekbench 5 benchmark too. So we’ll need to hold on to perceive how quick the Snapdragon 865 chip is. 

Going With USB C – About Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S11

Could that earphone jack vanish one year from now? Could that earphone jack vanish one year from now? ETNews said that Samsung has decided to opt USB C exclusively on this phone. It means that there will be no earphone jack or a dongle in the crate that will give you a chance to connect 3.5mm earphones. The fact that the Note 10 and Note 10 Plus has ditched the earphone jack makes everything except certain that we’ve seen the remainder of the 3.5mm port on Samsung’s leader telephones.